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Services we provide

Why have a Service at JRP Auto's?

  • We offer car servicing, with parts matching the quality of the manufacturer’s original equipment plus a range of engine oils.

  • JRP Automotives Service Schedule covers the majority of checks included in most manufacturers’ service schedules.

  • Any service components fitted by JRP Automotives come with a 12 month guarantee.

  • The price includes the environmental disposal of all components replaced.

  • JRP Automotives can offer servicing according to the Manufacturer Schedule which is tailored to your car's age, make,model and mileage.

What your service will include. So why pay more elsewhere?

Many car owners fully service their car every year. Servicing proactively maintains your cars health and reduces the risk of a breakdown. Even if it is irregular, servicing can still help maintain your car’s value.

  • Service book (stamp)

  • Engine oil (replace)

  • Oil filter (replace) & Oil leaks (report)

  • Service light (reset)

  • Brake fluid level (check)

  • Anti-freeze coolant (check)

  • Windscreen wash (check/top-up)

  • Lights (check)

  • Windscreen wipers (check)

  • Exhaust mounts and condition (check)

  • Tyre condition (check)

  • Steering (check)

  • And More...

What is the difference between an Minor Service and a Major Service?

A Major Service is ideal for an annual maintenance programme for your car and is recommended every 15,000km or 12 months. Some manufacturers may recommend more regular checks. Minor Servicing is ideal for vehicles which are used for short, urban journeys or for vehicles that frequently do a high mileage. Minor services are carried out every 7,500km or 6 months, whichever comes first. It helps to keep your car safe and roadworthy between full services.

Why are there different types of engine oil?

Not all engines are the same and manufacturers specify that an enhanced “specialist oil” will optimise the engines performance. JRP Automotives will recommend an oil equivalent to the manufacturer’s specification. In some cases you can choose to upgrade your oil from semi-synthetic to Fully Synthetic. We take pride in the service we provide and we ensure to keep your vehicle running smoothly – economically and efficiently. We recommend a service to be carried out every 6 months to ensure hassle free motoring. But, more importantly it will avoid the risk of facing dangerous incidents.